The Café and the surrounding structures on the property have all been built using natural building methods and sustainable materials.  Wattle and daub technique, lime plastering, terra cotta, cob and clay walls, locally harvested bamboo, adobe bricks, sustainably harvested local wood, and thatched roofing have all been implemented throughout the buildings. Other permaculture features on the property include biodigestors, natural grey water filtration systems, an ecological pond, biodiverse gardens that promote birdwatching and wildlife visitors, a Hummingbird Farm, food and herb gardens, fruit trees, and solar bottle bulbs.    ​

Besides the Café, the property consists of a treehouse, a partially completed cabina and chocolate making workshop, a laundry and shower building, restroom facilities, a mini golf course, and several covered seating areas. With all of the gardens and proximity to the Nature Reserve, the Café has become an excellent bird watching site. Hummingbirds, Trogones, Guardabarrancos and a wide variety of many other birds can be seen.  Howler monkeys, white-faced monkeys, frogs, raccoons, squirrels, iguanas, and butterflies also frequently visit the cafe.

Both beautiful and ecological, the property gracefully intertwines artistic creativity with sustainable innovation.